LOVE Dove Cottage

Since 2009, Gill and I have been Dove Cottage Studio for our artwork, and more recently, when we sold The Oystercatcher Gallery, Gill has been Gill Stewart Flowerscape for her wedding and event flower styling, while my photography has been By George! Images. Artwork can be seen at George Stewart Artist and at Dove Cottage Studio. There is much more besides, but we have thankfully not given these other endeavours their own name... yet!
Now is the time to pull it all together and offer an eager public, (hope you are eager), a banner under which we can freely move and work for all that we do. Flowerscape will continue to be Gill's trading name, but all our passions, inspirations and the fleeting impressions will be given voice - or visual form at least - via Love Dove Cottage. Our new Facebook page has launched, and now our blog.
This blog will be our principal platform, bringing all these separate strands together - telling you more about our story, who we are and all the wonderful things we get inspired by; enthusiastic about; what makes us laugh, smile and love.
Gill gathered foliage and flowers for a recent display
You will see this logo (and variations of) appearing on our websites and social media, with a gradual re-presentation to maintain our house style. Dove Cottage style.

George Stewart
23rd June 2015



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