A 'Lazy Sunday' Experience at Myres Castle

Here are a few pics from a lovely lunch and inspirational visit to Myres Castle with my wonderful friend and colleague Carole of Lazy Sunday....... and yes, Carole prepared a gorgeous feast as you would expect! 
George observed the chitter-chatter at lunch.
Wow! What glorious blooms.
Adore this seat. All sorts of thoughts of how to decorate without spoiling the beautiful lines.
A wonderful ceremonial space and room for creative floral and painting workshops - what an alchemy - so much to do.
The irises were sublime.
Beautiful Myres Castle. The gardens are stunning! Such a hidden jewel to be discovered for Barnquee weddings...perfect!
Always thinking, always imagining, always creating!
A wonderful time of sharing and meeting of creative minds...soooo much more to come!
Picked from the field.....just up my street. Thank you, Myres Castle. Photography by Carole Fitzgerald 
What is behind this secret door.....just crying out for an amazing floral story! Photography by Carole Fitzgerald  
Give me more charcoal and ink now! Photography by Carole Fitzgerald 
Photography by Carole Fitzgerald
My husband , lover, best friend and wonderful creative business partner.......love dove. 
Photography by Carole Fitzgerald 
Photography by Carole Fitzgerald
Photography by Carole Fitzgerald
Gill Stewart
July 2015


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